Overview of the Sitecore Community

If you are new to Sitecore this is your one stop shop to get involved.

The community is my favorite part about Sitecore. It’s full of passionate developers who are supportive.

Sitecore community Slack

We have a Slack channel! Here you can find other developers asking questions, talking about the latest news or joking about having changed default password to "c" to be clever.

I would recommend taking a look at the website for rules and how to join.


The best place to follow specific community members. People will typically be talking about sitecore modules, events or news.

Noteable twitter tags

Sitecore User Groups

This is by far the best way to connect with your local community. I attend the Toronto user group regularly. To find your local meetup, google search "(your city) Sitecore user group". You should beable to find one, if not create your own!

Sitecore Stack Exchange

Similar to the above Slack channel, but more geared towards harder questions. Not much else to say here other than enjoy! Link

Sitecore Symposium

Sitecore Symposium is Sitecore’s biggest event of the year. Here you can connect with developers and clients. The event runs multiple days with different panels and presentations. Sitecore will also annouce news. I’ve been every year since I started using Sitecore. I always learn tricks and meet new people when I attend.

If your interested in learning more you can contact me on social media or by email (Allan.ferencz@devunleashed.com)