Running Keystone.js on Windows

Quick start to running Keystone.js on Windows.


  1. Make sure you have Node installed at least version 10.x plus
  2. Pick your Database (Mongo Db version 4.x plus OR Postgresql version 9.x plus)
  3. Open up a command prompt
  4. npm init keystone-app my-app or yarn create keystone-app my-app
  5. cd my-app
  6. npm run dev or yarn dev

Help! My Build Breaks

When I completed the above, I ran into multiple errors. If you run into an error with Cannot find module "\node_modules@keystonejs\keystone\bin\cli.js" follow the below.

Your project is failing to install because it can't install BCrypt. It has dependencies on C++ and Python. The quick fix is to install windows-build-tools and run npm install manually.

  1. Open a CMD window in administrator
  2. npm i windows-build-tools -g or yarn global add windows-build-tools
  3. cd into your root directory
  4. npm install or yarn
  5. npm run dev or yarn dev

If this doesn't fix your problem make sure you checkout the latest instructions on Keystone.js getting started as the above might be out dated.