Sitecore Certifications for Developers


Sitecore provides certifications and training. Sitecore structures its courses online or in person. Some courses only exist in person. From my personal experience certifications are worth it. After 6 months of developing on Sitecore, the online course made a huge difference in code quality. I can't recommend it enough. You also need it to download the latest Sitecore versions and packages.

In order to access the Developer Sitecore portal you will need to be a certified developer.

Getting a Sitecore license

Sitecore has made getting up and running with the platform easier than ever before. You can now get a developer trial license for the Platform. You can fill out a form here. Most people I know started learning Sitecore from being hired into a developer position. This is a huge progress for the whole community.

Online Courses

The online courses are structured into chapters. The courses are all on Sitecore's training platform. They have a series of videos and exercises. Typically, a chapter will explain why a part of Sitecore exists. It will show you how to use it and then gives you an exercise to try yourself. Your progress is kept track for you. At the end of the course, you have one shot at the certification exam.

Sitecore has courses for marketers and business users. It's good to know if you need to recommend them or want a less technical starting point.

In Class Training

Each class is run over consecutive days. They will take you from zero to a Sitecore certified developer! I've never done an in-person class. For me, the online courses have been fantastic. For that reason, I can't personally recommend them, but I've heard good things from peers. A great option if you want to be certified fast.

Here you can learn more about what's offered for your region.

Online Courses Overview

CourseCostKnowledge level
Sitecore® Developer Foundation 9.0FreeBeginner
Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Essentials for Developers 9.0$1500.00 USDBeginner
Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Overview 9.0$750.00 USDIntermediate
Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0$1500.00 USDIntermediate

In class Courses Overview (America)

CourseDurationCostKnowledge level
Sitecore® Experience Solution Developer 9.14 Days$2,850.00 USDBeginner
Implementing Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9.0.24 days$2,850.00 USDIntermediate
Sitecore® Helix Technical Workshop 9.12 Days$1,900.00 USDIntermediate


  • Take a beginner level class to start.
  • You will need to be a Sitecore certified developer. This will allow you access to the Developer portal and create support tickets.
  • Work on getting commerce certified only if you know you have a project coming up or could at any moment using commerce. I wouldn't take this unless you are already a certified developer.
  • Helix is generally used across all new projects. If you have the opportunity I suggest taking the Helix course.

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